These dominant, large scale installations explore the act of geometric methods of organization by manipulating and framing synthetic yarn in a natural outdoor environment while contrasting the all-natural jute in a manmade interior space.
The entangled spider-web like design is a factual mathematical pattern called 'The Twelve Point Mystic Rose' based on the formula 1/2n(n-1). The Twelve Point Mystic Rose is putting a commonality in these opposing environments while also connecting its scientific methodologies used in radiology health care technology making an appealing full circle. Ironically, this pattern is continually connecting parallel situations through science and in my case, photography.
The series of documentation shows the processes and act of installing these foreign structures into their opposing environments. The form of photography has served as a vital part of this documentation process and carries the same weight as the installations considering they are only temporary and disassembled once completed.
There is enjoyment and satisfaction with working in temporary public art. Those who pass by in the presence of the process will be the only ones who will ever see it in its fleeting physical state.

'Sketching' ideas through sewing.

Documenting 1
Documenting 1